Call me Erin.

(sorry, I had to)

(this is a Moby Dick joke)

I’m currently at the beginning of a PhD program in literature, where I am focusing on early modern English lit. For those of you unfamiliar with the academic lingo, this means Shakespeare and Spenser, Johnson and Marlowe, Donne and Herbert, Defoe and Milton, among many, many others.

I started this blog a few years ago with lofty goals and while I still have probably-lofty goals (it’s a flaw), I really just want it to be a place where I talk about books and book-related thoughts with you. The study of literature, formal or informal, is really just a long conversation we’re having with each other and with the past, so please, join in!


I’m also on YouTube. See me talk about books instead of reading my words at WithTheClassics.  There will be some overlap between channel and the blog, but sometimes it’s easier to talk than write, or vice versa. Thus, the two media are compliments to each other (or, at least, I hope they are).